Access to Marked Exam Papers Trial

Created on: 21 May 2024


The SQA has advised heads of centres that a trial of access to marked exam papers will take place following results day in August 2024.

This will encompass Geography (N5 and Higher); Graphic Communication (N5, Higher and Advanced Higher;) Media (National 5); Music (National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher); and Statistics (Advanced Higher).  SQA co-ordinators will be able to access the marked papers from SQA Connect.  Parents, carers and learners will be informed of this trial and, therefore, will be able to request papers.

EIS position

The EIS has, for a number of years, been opposed to the return of marked exam papers as it has the potential to increase workload for Secondary teachers, including SQA co-ordinators. Specifically, members have voiced concerns that it risks creating expectations – from pupils, parents and some educational management - that teachers verify SQA marked papers in pursuit of speculative appeals.

EIS Advice to Members