Pay Update May 2022

Created on: 30 May 2022


COSLA has yet to make an offer in response to our “cost-of-living”  pay claim for a 10% pay rise from April 2022, despite it being lodged on 7 February 2022 – over 3 months ago! 

We are demanding that an offer is made without further delay. COSLA has a record of making late pay offers, leading to long or stalled pay negotiations. The EIS has pushed COSLA and the Scottish Government to begin SNCT negotiations in a timelier manner this year. 

A first negotiations meeting of the Extended Joint Chairs is now due be held on Wednesday 18 May. Des Morris, SNCT Joint Chair and EIS Salaries Convener has insisted that we receive an initial offer from COSLA in writing prior to that meeting.

The EIS is clear that this pay claim is essential to ensure that the value of teachers’ pay does not decline in the face of rising inflation whilst the cost-of-living crisis that is rampaging on.

Teachers delivered during covid – we deserve better than a cut in our living standards.

The EIS has been putting pressure on political parties and council candidates in the Local Government Elections to commit to maintaining the integrity of collective bargaining within the tripartite SNCT machinery, recognising that teachers have nationally agreed pay scales.

We will be campaigning further on this over the remainder of this session and members will be asked to join the campaign to ensure COSLA and Scottish Government pay attention and give teachers the pay rise we need and deserve – teachers’ pay needs to add up.

Further updates on the campaign will be issued regularly.