Pension Information - Nearing Retirement?

Created on: 30 Jan 2019 | Last modified: 18 Oct 2023

Considering Your Retirement Options

If you are considering retirement options the following information will help you have an idea of what your pension will look like:

Please see the advice from SPPA here.

Obtain your annual benefit statements from the SPPA website by clicking here.

2023 statements may not be available for all and there is relevant information here

If statement details are not correct you will need to contact SPPA (details below).

If you have been on the same pay point for the last 10 years and the service on your statement is correct, then this calculator will give you a good indication of your pension benefits.

When submitting Summer 2023 retirement applications we recommend that these are sent electronically to your HR department/SPPA as they will reach relevant staff working remotely.

Please give at least 4 months notice to SPPA in order to ensure your benefits will be paid in the month you retire.

Phased Retirement or Ill Health 

If you are looking for estimated phased retirement figures, simply take up to 75% of the amounts on the estimate from the calculation you have done above. 75% is the maximum available for phased retirement.

Should you require estimates for ill health retirement you can contact SPPA directly on 01896 893 000 or by email: quoting your GTC number or NI Number.

Financial Advice

For financial advice you can contact EIS Financial Services here