Teacher Professionalism: Our Way of Being

Created on: 08 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 21 Apr 2023

At the EIS Professional Learning Conference 2020, GTCS Director of Education Dr Pauline Stephen led a seminar on Teacher Professionalism for NQTs and early career teachers.

Pauline asked participants to consider the professional values, and identify what would be the one value you would keep? Keep this in mind and review it when you need to, especially when there are hard days at work. It is the value to hold onto. 

Pauline noted the elements that make change happen – urgency, hope, anger, belief, solidarity.

Pauline noted finding a network of ‘trusted others’ is really important for professional growth. It is worth realising that not all networks are supportive and positive, which is something learned over time.

Some resources Pauline suggested: