Consultation and Local Contacts

Created on: 20 Jan 2022 | Last modified: 14 Sep 2023

The UHI consultation is open 8th August – 14th October.

Any questions, queries, or information you would like EIS-FELA to reflect in the union response to the consultation should be sent to your respective branch representatives.

Please also visit our designation section for members to submit questions which will inform our FAQ section available too. We encourage members to engage openly and honestly with their union reps on all matters related to the merger. 

It is really important that as many lecturers as possible are represented by their trade union throughout the merger process. If you are not yet a member of EIS-FELA, join here today.

All members are encouraged to take part in an informed way and more information is contained in the sections below.

UHI are hosting a series of consultation events. Details can be found here. Read over issues your EIS-FELA reps have raised here before attending any consultations. EIS-FELA branches will be consulting with members separately before submitting branch responses to the consultation. Reps continue to attend the Trade Union forum for information and consultation throughout this process.


Get in touch with your local EIS-FELA branch reps for any further information:

Lews Castle College – Billy Mackinnon and Donald MacDonald

North Highland College – Adrian MacKay

West Highland College - Miriam Iorwerth and Layla Sawford


A joint EIS-FELA meeting between the three impacted colleges will be held on Thursday 8th September at 4pm. A link to the online meeting will be emailed to you.