Bulletin 5 - 13 October 2021

Created on: 13 Oct 2021

SRUC Bulletin

Dear Member

Reports from all the picket lines, following our third day of industrial action yesterday, suggest that support for the industrial action is becoming stronger. There seems to be an increasing realisation amongst members that they are being undervalued and underpaid at the SRUC, compared to the rest of the university sector. Importantly, members seem to be feeling more empowered; taking responsibility to change the pay, terms and conditions of their workplace. 

Two weeks ago, the SRUC proposed an unacceptable "interim agreement" that would not have aligned the SRUC with the rest of the university sector's pay and job families. The proposed document gave only vague assurances about a new pay scale being produced late in 2023. We have, to date, received no further proposals from SRUC but we have offered to meet them for a full day of negotiation, at any time over the next week.

That offer will be re-issued today. We are prepared to meet the SRUC any time and to sit down for as long as it takes to hammer out a proper agreement with them on the future of your pay and job families.

Strike Pay

The SRUC is only taking the ‘Pay & Grading’ dispute seriously and beginning to make proposals because of your continuing strike action.

The EIS pays strike pay to members taking strike action at the SRUC. You can find out how our strike pay works and how to apply here.

Only members can access this part of the website, so please have your membership details to log in. Any problems, please contact Sonia Leal at sleal@eis.org.uk

Parliamentary Briefing on the Dispute

Yesterday, we released an EIS Parliamentary briefing on the ‘Pay & Grading’ dispute. We believe that this gives a fair and accurate picture of the dispute and our aims.

A version for local authority councillors may be found here.

You can use these documents to inform your emails to your local MSPs and Councillors about the dispute.

Lobbying Your Councillors and MSPs

Your action has already forced the SRUC to come back with a new interim Framework Agreement proposal. Part of the campaign is to put pressure on the SRUC by sharing what is happening at the SRUC with elected representatives. Please visit our website for lobbying materials.

Engage with Your Colleagues on the Dispute

We encourage members to talk to each other and support each other during this dispute and industrial action. Share information and offer solidarity. You are making a difference by standing together, and you can help each other to take part by connecting with and looking after each other while the action proceeds.

We also have Organisers to support members during the action and they are listed below:

Please do not hesitate to contact Deborah Shepherd Dshepherd@eis.org.uk should you have any queries regarding the industrial action.

In solidarity,

Larry Flanagan
General Secretary