Member Stories

Created on: 12 Oct 2023 | Last modified: 16 Oct 2023

Learning support Lecturer Stephen Callaghan explains why he is currently out on strike.


City of Glasgow College lecturer, Robert Johnson explains why he loves his job and why we need to continue the fight against compulsory redundancies in Further Education.


Find out why you need to visit the picket line on strike days.


Our dedicated and hardworking lecturers don't want to be out on strike. They want to be in the classroom with their students, doing the job that they love. 


After being absent for the 1st time in 15 years to care for his family whilst his partner went through chemo, Chris returned to work to be told he's at risk of compulsory redundancy at the statutory rate.

Thora Hands explains why it is so important that you vote yes/yes and post your ballot before the deadline.