Write to your MSP – template letter

Created on: 05 Dec 2022 | Last modified: 03 Nov 2023

Dear <insert MSP name>

City of Glasgow College Local Dispute

Further to our previous correspondence on this issue, EIS-FELA members at City of Glasgow College will continue strike action on 14th November after successfully re-balloting for a further mandate for industrial action in pursuit of a satisfactory resolution to the dispute over redundancies, cuts to courses and jobs, and terms and conditions.

EIS-FELA members at City of Glasgow College have given notice of strike action until 14th December with dates listed here. This is one of the longest running strike actions in Scotland in recent years and will be the best part of 17 weeks by December.

Whilst EIS-FELA are re-balloting nationally in pursuit of a fair pay settlement which doesn’t come as a quid pro quo for redundancies, members at City of Glasgow College are already facing compulsory redundancies.  The local dispute is about cuts to teaching time, increase in workload, ending of fixed term contracts, targeted voluntary severance and compulsory redundancies all whilst senior management’s salaries are increased and spending continues on external lobbying firms.

Update on the Trade Dispute

Around 16 members of EIS-FELA have been served Notice of redundancy at time of writing. Two members have passed their employment termination date by reason of compulsory redundancy. Claims for discrimination and unfair dismissal are being submitted to ACAS. Other lecturers have already taken VS in the first round, resigned, retired or ‘volunteered’ for redundancy at the statutory rate.

169 lecturers have left employment with the College since this time last year. We are seriously concerned about the reduction in lecturers and the impact this will have on courses, and course credits, in the future. Management have refused to roll back on any compulsory redundancy and simply state that they believe the dispute is over. 

EIS-FELA request

Members need their local politicians to impress upon relevant Government Ministers that they have legislative powers and soft policy powers which can be used to intervene in this dispute. We are heartened that Glasgow MSPs have decided to work together on this issue but we need Ministerial intervention as soon as possible to save jobs and courses. We do not want to take further strike action but there is no alternative whilst management continue with these redundancies.

We want to save members’ jobs, ensure a fair and sustainable workload which doesn’t harm students’ education, put learning support lecturers at the heart of our work, and ensure there is a shift to positive industrial relations going forward. This is the outcome which is most going to benefit the students which City of Glasgow College was built to serve.

We look forward to hearing from you.