Created on: 14 Dec 2023

The wording agreed below has been put to ballot for EIS-FELA members at City of Glasgow College as a proposal for resolving the local dispute.

The Proposal

  •  30 Lecturing staff will now be offered targeted voluntary severance (VS) subject to a payment of a maximum of six months’ salary in line with the scheme. Those lecturing staff are inclusive of:
    • those who have been served notice of Compulsory Redundancy;
    • those who have been confirmed as being at risk of redundancy;
    • those whose employment has already been terminated by reasons of CR.
  •  Lecturing staff who do not wish to take up VS will be offered redeployment, retraining, reskilling or upskilling, as an alternative to VS where possible.
  • In circumstances where no agreement can be reached, there will be an opportunity to offer voluntary severance on the same terms to another person who wishes to substitute themselves.
  • There will be a guarantee of ‘no further compulsory redundancy’ during academic years 23/24. If agreement is reached on the first 3 bullet points, this will extend to AY and 24/25.
  • Lecturing staff who have been taking strike action will resume teaching according to their timetables for AY23/24 with immediate effect.
  • Lecturing staff will enter all outstanding results for AY22-23 on to College systems by Friday 15 December where possible.
  • Any current grievances or disputes directly relating to the organisational change process, or the compulsory redundancy process, will be withdrawn.
  • Messaging on courses including students being withdrawn in AY23-24 will cease. However, discussion of the withdrawal of courses for AY24-25 through the Portfolio Review will continue in line with the usual annual practice.
  • The College and EIS-FELA seek to work together to reset industrial relations. This will include:
    • Establishing demonstrable practice of Fair Work, (with the assistance of a 3rd party, for example STUC), including a Fair Work review with a view to agree a Fair Work statement by end AY 23/24;
    • EIS-FELA Convener having regular and direct access to the Principal once each semester;
    • A joint review of the implementation of the NWPA as it relates to contact time and breaks.
  • It is recognised that both parties will need to engage with their own governance arrangements to implement the agreement.