Software and platforms

Created on: 17 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 25 Feb 2021

As well as GLOW, for which Education Scotland has issued training materials, some schools or local authorities may be using other digital platforms.

As outlined in EIS guidance on working at home, appropriate learning for teachers must be made available for other digital platforms wherever this is the case.

Below are some additional guides and learning opportunities on specific software and digital platforms which members may find useful to enhance their skills where necessary.

Use of any digital platform or software to support remote learning for pupils should be in adherence with local authority/school policy. Teachers are advised to check before using any which have not been previously sanctioned for use.

“Top Tools for Learning” Directory of Learning & Performance Tools

A ranked list of digital tools for learning, including some guidance on how they can be used to support teaching practices.

This may support teachers to deliver online learning and also Learning Reps to offer professional learning to members.

MicosoftEDU Guides for Working from Home and Distance Learning

Guides for teachers on using Microsoft tools such as Teams, OneNote and more for distance learning and collegiate activity.

MicrosoftEDU offers various self-study guides including video, text and interactive guides. These are free learning resources.

Though the Microsoft tools themselves are not free these may be available via your school or Local Authority.

A Teacher’s Guide to Zoom

A detailed presentation on using video conferencing software Zoom for educational purposes.