Delivering Online and Blended Learning

Created on: 17 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 10 Apr 2024

PL for planning and delivering online and blended learning

A number of providers have developed guides to planning and delivering online and distance learning. These resources may be useful in helping members understand pedagogy for distance learning and consider how distance learning differs from classroom practices.

Members should always refer to the EIS guidance on working at home, as well as local agreements and requirements relating to specific practices, platforms and software, when engaging with any of the content below.

Education Scotland DigiLearn

Education Scotland is currently providing some training on the use of GLOW for the purposes of remote learning, as outlined in EIS guidance on working at home. This includes extensive resources to support practitioners in planning and delivering online learning, including guides and webinars to digital teaching tools.

Subject-specific content and links to local authorities' own digital platforms are also available. 

GTCS Guidance on Good Online Practice

The GTCS has issued specific guidance and good practice for all teachers delivering online learning. The guidance has been endorsed by the EIS, and will support teachers to reflect on professional practice in online learning, including use of social media and data storage.

Moray House Webinars (University of Edinburgh)

Edinburgh University's School of Education offers a variety of webinars for teachers facilitated by Moray House academics. Topics covered include Self-Evaluation for Self-Improvement, The Primary Curriculum and Leadership in a Time of Change. Recordings and registration for live sessions available via the Moray House website.

FutureLearn (Open University) - How to Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students

A practical course for educators specifically designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, covering planning online learning, engaging digitally with learners and assessment practices.

Self-study, 6hrs delivered over 3 weeks. Available via the Open University’s FutureLearn platform.

OU OpenLearn – Take Your Teaching Online

A free course on ideas and methods for taking teaching practices online and using technology to deliver education at a distance. Available free via OpenLearn.