Clackmannanshire Bulletin

Created on: 24 Apr 2020

Clackmannanshire Local Association Coronavirus Bulletin 24/4/20

Dear Member,

We hope you and your families all stayed safe during the Easter Break whether volunteering or not.

The EIS nationally has continued to do all it can to ensure you are protected in terms of employment and your safety.  There have been updates on SQA, Supply teachers, Health and Wellbeing and updated EIS FQA’s on the national website as well as other key issues. The online query form is there if you require it.

 We would remind you at this difficult time that no members of staff should be in schools or hubs unless they are part of the agreed volunteer arrangements set up for childcare of key workers. If you are a volunteer remember that gives you the classification of being a key worker.

*If you are not in school as a volunteer on the agreed rota you should stay at home.*


Scottish Government Update, 21/04/2020

At this week’s media briefing, the First Minister announced that new guidance to support the home learning of children and young people during the new term has been issued, and that more community food projects will receive funding to provide emergency free meals to those most in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can read the First Minister’s speech here

NHS Inform’s coronavirus webpage is the fastest way for people to get the latest health advice and information.


Local Matters

  1. Online mandatory units for Clackmannanshire Council on Clacks Academy are required to be completed every year. For clarification, although the academic year goes from August to June the online training is valid from March to April therefore anyone wishing to complete this now will have done so for the 2020/2021 session.
  2. School Improvement Plans and Working Time Agreements are being put on hold until further advice is received.
  3. There has mention of streaming live lessons from your home. EIS strongly advise against this until proper agreed protocols are in place and issues surrounding equity are addressed. The Council have emphasised that there is no requirement or expectation for teachers to live stream lessons from home. If you are volunteering to do this please make sure you are following the present advice on home working.
  4. LNCT reported an increasing number of pupils attending Hubs. So please read these guidelines if you’re volunteering in Hubs.

Working Safely in Hub Schools and Support Centres.

EIS Advice Note re ASN and Hub School Support.

*If you are not in school as a volunteer on the agreed rota you should stay at home.*


National Matters

Message from the General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, 20/04/2020

For access to our EIS Coronavirus page please open the following link -

Please find listed below the list of specific agreements, advice and guidance published during your Easter break period:

  1. Working at Home Guidelines -
  2. SNCT Supply Agreement -
  3. GTCS Update -
  4. SQA Update and EIS response -
  5. FQA’s for Teachers Currently on Maternity Leave -
  6. Guidance for Independent Schools -
  7. Working from Home Guidelines – IMT’s -
  8. General Coronavirus Updated FQA’s -


*If you are not in school as a volunteer on the agreed rota you should stay at home.*

For any further local EIS enquiries please contact your Local Association Officials on

Your EIS Organiser for Clackmannanshire is Lou Dear, get in touch with any national or organising enquiries: