Dumfries and Galloway

Created on: 21 Dec 2018

On Tuesday 18 December M Smith (Education Officer responsible for Secondary School Staffing) met with Teaching Trade Union representatives J Young (SSTA), R Bell (NASUWT), A O’Halloran (EIS) and A Scott (EIS Area Officer) to discuss and agree next steps in relation to the recent review of secondary school management points and subsequent proposed management structures from August 2019 and beyond.

During the  meeting, which was very positive and productive, we agreed that there was no requirement to job-size all promoted posts across all secondary schools in Dumfries and Galloway at this time. Existing promoted posts will only be job-sized if the criteria as set out in the SNCT Handbook are met. For any new posts within a school management structure, there will be a requirement to provide a Job Description and Person Specification along with the Job-sizing Questionnaire.

Those in attendance also agreed a set of key principles in relation to the process of responding to future management point reviews and any changes to management structures. It was agreed that these key principles require further consideration and development before sharing with all staff.

One of the key principles agreed at the meeting is that there can be no compulsory redundancies as a result of the review of management points and/or changes to school management structures. There was also an agreement that every effort will be made to match/redeploy any promoted post holder who does not secure a promoted post within their own school into similar post in Dumfries and Galloway within 3 years. (Reference: Transfer of Excess Teaching Staff Policy).

There is an existing agreement that secondary school management points will be reviewed on a 3 year cycle. In preparation for the next management points review in 2021-22, we have agreed to jointly develop a LNCT policy  document which will clarify the procedures and support the process in relation to future reviews. Once developed, this document will be shared with all teaching staff in secondary schools.

M Smith will be in communication with Headteachers early in the new term to clarify next steps.