Talking About Race

Created on: 14 Feb 2022 | Last modified: 21 Feb 2022

New Training: Talking About Race, with our guest speaker Nuzhat Uthmani, EIS BAME Network and Founder of Global Citizenship Education 
4pm – 6pm, Thursday 24 February
Online, WebEx 
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EIS North Lanarkshire is launching a new workshop called Talking About Race to develop our members' shared understanding of anti-racism at work. 

We're inviting our members to come together to discuss racism in the education sector, to reflect on our understanding and practice of anti-racism as teachers, and to meet new colleagues interested in this work. 

We’ll also be joined by our guest speaker, Nuzhat Uthmani, of the EIS BAME Network and the Founder of Global Citizenship Education to share her knowledge and expertise on anti-racist education and practice. 

The session will include: 
 -    Understanding racism in the education sector
 -    Challenging false narratives 
 -    Practical steps to decolonising the curriculum 

We'll be discussing helpful resources and tips - including our recent guide on Mobilising for Anti-Racism at work. 

Register for the course and we'll share the WebEx meeting details with you ahead of the session. 

Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Best wishes, 

Lucy Kelly

Equality Rep and Vice President
EIS North Lanarkshire