Equality Motions 39 - 41

Created on: 23 May 2019



39. Orkney Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to support Deaf students in schools and further education by asking EIS to campaign for:

(a)   education in the BSL-medium to be provided on a wider availability,

(b)   including BSL-medium exams and SQA exams in BSL as a subject;

(c)   training for teachers and lecturers to support the improvement of educational outcomes for Deaf students;

(d)   maintaining the inclusion of deaf units based in mainstream schools;

(e)   maintain schools for the Deaf; and

(f)   recruitment of new teachers and lecturers with BSL knowledge, more in-service training of current teachers and lecturers, and recruitment of Deaf teachers and lecturers."

Amendment EIS-ULA

Delete "and" in line 1 and add "and Higher Education" after "further education" (line 2).


40. West Dunbartonshire Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to update our guidance on violence against women in line with the Scottish Government's "Equally Safe" policy and the 2018 Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Bill."



"That this AGM welcome the publication of Scottish Government guidance on LGBTI inclusive education and resolve to work with the TIE campaign to seek that it is fully implemented in every school in Scotland."