ULA Pay Email

Created on: 27 Sep 2022


Dear Member

The statutory ballot regarding the 2022/23 pay round will open this Thursday, 29th September, thus our independent balloteer will be posting out the ballot papers this Thursday.

With tight finances, a few may believe that they can't afford to take strike action should it come to that, but the reality is that the lecturing profession simply can't afford not to take action to defend our pay.

The Employers’ “full and final offer” for 2022-23 is 3% for academic staff. 

Interest rates are projected to rise, partly as a response to the UK Government mini-budget for growth. The “markets” are predicting that interest rates may treble to 6% by next year – pushing mortgage rates to around 8%, if you have a variable rate.

RPI (inflation) currently sits at 12.1%, for the second month in a row.

The ONS states that its published inflation figures are not a measure of the current cost-of-living crisis facing people. The financial challenges facing households and individuals may be worse or better – depending on circumstances and your mix of products like those listed below:


Food and Energy

% Rise over the past 12 Months

Low-fat milk




Pasta and couscous


Olive oil


Margarine and other vegetable fats


Liquid fuels






Solid Fuels



Some economists have predicted that inflation will rise to 18% in the near future. The recent drop in the value of the pound may exacerbate this.

The energy price "cap" means your energy bills are likely to increase dramatically from next month. The previous energy price cap was £1,971 for the average household. As of October 1st, the new cap is £3,549 a year, which amounts to an increase of 80%. The energy price cap is now reviewed every three months. Many economists and energy industry analysts believe the price cap will rise even further.

According to an Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey performed between 27 April and 22 May 2022, 77% of UK adults reported feeling worried about the rising cost of living, with 50% saying they worried "nearly every day". A separate ONS survey taken from 25 May to 5 June, found 52% of respondents had cut back on their energy use. With winter approaching, the pressure on household bills will only increase.

Your EIS-ULA Executive believe that the employers’ offer on pay is unacceptable as did our members in our consultative ballot.  

If you agree, your EIS-ULA Executive recommend you vote YES to Strike Action in the forthcoming ballot.

Please remember that due to anti-trade union legislation, statutory industrial action ballots must be conducted by post. The EIS must have your correct postal address in order to ensure you receive your ballot papers.

You can see the full offer on our website here.

The original claim from the trade unions is here.