General Secretary Update 23 April

Created on: 23 Apr 2020 | Last modified: 15 Jul 2021


Dear Member,

Please find below additional advice and resources to support you through these challenging times.

You may have picked up on the FM’s announcement today about the possibility of classrooms and schools having to be redesigned to enable longer term social distancing to take place post lockdown. This is only the start of the discussion, of course; we will keep you updated as thinking is developed.

Best wishes


SQA Update

Following on from the SQA Estimates document being issued on Monday, a few questions have arisen over the procedures advised by SQA, which hopefully these new Q&As will answer.

The EIS view is that teachers are more than capable of submitting robust estimates, based on evidence and their knowledge of students. The integrity of those estimates is critical to successfully rewarding pupils for their endeavours and no one should seek to undermine professional judgements.

Some concerns have been expressed about the overly complex nature of the SQA process and an underlying tone that does not reflect the same confidence the EIS has in professional judgement.

These points have been made to the SQA in discussion, and we will need to return to them later; for the moment, however, in these unprecedented circumstances the focus needs to be  on the estimates and getting it right for our pupils. That is what will ensure the integrity of this year’s awards.

Directory of Member Support Resources regarding Covid-19 Pandemic - Now Online

The EIS website has a vast and increasing number of resources that support and advise teachers, lecturers and associated professionals working in Scotland. The EIS has produced an online directory that identifies a range of key EIS resources to advise and support members during the current lockdown caused by Covid-19, and where they may be found. The directory also signposts some resources from other organisations that members may find useful during the lockdown.

EIS Working at Home (WaH) Now Launched

The new EIS Working at Home (WaH) Resource is now live and available for members to explore online.

We hope that you’ll find it full of ideas on how you can look after your health and wellbeing while balancing work, family and home life all under one roof - something that’s crucial for us all at this time. Visit the website for daily inspiration on making time for yourself amidst the challenge of juggling work and home priorities. 

Additionally the WaH contains a wide range of suggestions and signposts to help with lockdown learning and teaching, focusing primarily on keeping learners engaged and on boosting their wellbeing too, with a weekly refresh of our Rainbow Resources. 

Not forgetting professional learning for teachers, the WaH includes advice and resources on a wide range of subjects, including on using d