Accommodation and Facilities for Clothing

Created on: 26 Jul 2023

Regulation 23 requires that suitable and sufficient accommodation must be provided for personal clothing not worn at work and clothing worn at work but not taken home.

Such changing accommodation must be suitably secure, provide separate areas for work clothing and other clothing where necessary to avoid health risks or damage and be in a suitable location. It should also, so far as is reasonably practicable, include drying facilities.

The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 66 1992 also require accommodation for clothing and equipment provided under its own requirements.

  • Regulation 24 states that changing facilities should be required where a person is required to where special work clothing and cannot change is another room due to reasons of health or propriety.

    The ACoP recommends that changing facilities should be readily accessible to workrooms (and eating facilities if provided) and should contain adequate seating arrangements.

    The facilities should be large enough to enable the maximum number of workers to use them comfortably and quickly at any time.