Facilities for Rest and to Eat Meals

Created on: 26 Jul 2023 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

Regulation 25 states that readily accessible, suitable and sufficient rest facilities must be provided.

Where food eaten in the workplace is liable to become contaminated, suitable facilities for eating meals must be included in the rest facilities. Rest rooms and areas must include suitable arrangements for protecting non-smokers from discomfort from tobacco smoke.

Suitable rest facilities must also be provided for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Appropriate access arrangements must be made for disabled employees.

The ACoP recommends that rest facilities should include seats and tables for the number of workers likely to use them at any one time. Work seats in offices or other clean environments may be acceptable as rest facilities provided workers are not subjected to excessive disturbance during rest periods.

Eating facilities should include a facility for preparing or obtaining a hot drink, and where hot food cannot be readily obtained, means should be provided to enable workers to heat their own food.

Canteens may be used as rest facilities if there is no obligation to buy food.