26th June 2020: Final Daily Inspiration

Created on: 23 Jun 2020

Starting on Earth Day back in April, we have shared 47 ideas for taking a break from the daily routine, and today is our last Daily Inspiration of the term.


We hope you have enjoyed taking part in some of them as much as we have enjoyed exploring the options of free activities and resources that are available for us to access! 


The summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to dedicate more time to your health and wellbeing, especially after the pressures of the past few months. Please keep revisiting the Daily Inspiration ideas over the summer, making sure that you’re setting a good amount of time aside each day for you and so that you get a break from whatever’s become the new norm at home. For those of you who’ve had no time so far to spend following up on these daily ideas for wellbeing inspiration, summer would be a great time to start!


We would really like to hear which ideas are going to stick with you. For Pauline (EIS SUL Project Worker) it’s the Sloan’s Mac and Cheese recipe.  The perfect accompaniment to the Thursday night pub quiz. Share your favourites at Tweet @EISUnion or email pmccolgan@eis.org.uk.