4th May 2020: The Globe Theatre

Created on: 01 May 2020 | Last modified: 10 Apr 2024

The Globe Theatre streams a different Shakespeare play each fortnight.  A 2018 performance of ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen’ premiers on YouTube today at 7.00pm, and is available until Sunday 17 May.

Globe Education has worked with EIS for the past few years to provide ideas on bringing texts alive in the classroom. Read about our 2019 sessions here.

During the day, why not access Wellbeing Radio? Launched at the start of the year, it’s Scotland’s first radio station focused entirely on wellbeing. You can listen, watch or read about mindfulness tips and techniques, including yoga, what to eat, and self-care.

Please let us know your mindfulness tips, Tweet @EISUnion or email pmccolgan@eis.org.uk.