We've got the Empowerment

Created on: 22 Nov 2019 | Last modified: 27 Apr 2023

The Learning in Leadership for Female Trade Unionists, We’ve Got the Empowerment, was held on 30 November 2019 at the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow highlighting the importance of learning in the area of Empowerment for our members.

We've got the Empowerment


The event offered the opportunity to hear from keynotes speakers in the morning, the chance to talk to one another at breaks, from the workshops and the social activity at the end of the day.


Presentations from Carol Craig and Rowena Arshad, along with those from the workshops, from the day have been added for information and use. Further updates to this page will be forthcoming..


Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing

Centre for Confidence

The Empowered School System

Empowered School

EIS Learning in Leadership

Learning in Leadership

Teacher Agency: For the Taking

Teacher Agency

WTA - Empowering Members to Manage Workload


Alison Thornton on the EIS Vision of Empowered Schools

Carol Craig on Teacher Workload, Professionalism and Wellbeing

Building Teacher Agency, Strengthening Teacher Leadership, Professor Rowena Arshad

Ex General Secretary Larry Flanagan


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