10 Reasons to Join ULA

Created on: 27 Aug 2021 | Last modified: 01 Jun 2023

1. Biggest in Scotland

The EIS is the largest teacher trade union representing over 80% of Scotland’s teachers (8 out of 10 teachers and lecturers in Scotland are members of the EIS).

2. A Scottish Union

The EIS is the only trade union in tertiary education that makes all its decisions here in Scotland. Further and Higher Education are devolved matters and the EIS has a self-governing association for academics in HE, EIS-ULA.  

3. Negotiating and Improving Pay and Conditions

The EIS is one of the five HE Unions that negotiate pay at UK national bargaining for HE, New JNCHES. The EIS has demonstrated its willingness to take action if necessary in support of members and terms and conditions in national and local disputes. We have campaigned against the use of zero hours contracts in Universities.

4. Supporting and Helping Individual Members

We provide guidance and support for individual members when they ask. This may be on returning to work after illness; student complaints; workplace stress; redundancies; disciplinaries or grievances. Our network of experienced elected officials in Branches provides advice and representation as well as access to expert support from full-time union officials.

5. Campaigning on Workplace Issues

We campaign for better and safer workplaces to enable members to work happily and successfully. EIS branch organisation means that members can identify issues at local level, like excessive workload, and do something about them. We represent members’ interests at consultation meetings with management and in developing and reviewing University policies. EIS policies and campaigns are developed and led by members themselves.

6. Leading on the Key Issues in Scotland’s Universities

As the oldest education union in the world, the EIS has a commitment in its charter to promote sound learning. We lead on national issues such as improved governance, mergers, national funding, academic standards and equality issues.

7. Supporting Your Career Development

As a professional organisation the EIS is committed to promoting opportunities for quality professional development for ALL lecturers, teachers and academics throughout their careers. The EIS is the only Scottish teaching union with Learning Representatives to support members’ CPD.

8. High quality legal and professional advice

Our solicitors and our network of EIS Representatives, Local Association Secretaries, Organisers and Area Officers are available to provide the highest quality support and advice when it is needed. We also provide EIS members with FREE legal advice on non-employment matters through our dedicated EIS legal helpline staffed by qualified lawyers, open 8am – 7pm 5 days a week.

9. EIS Membership benefits

All EIS members have access to the EIS Xtra Discount scheme which can be used to access thousands of money-saving offers across Scotland and the UK.

The EIS also provides four insurance policies to all members covering: Personal Effects, Malicious Damage to Motor Vehicles, Third Party Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.

10. Affordable Membership Fees

The EIS is the most efficient but also the most affordable union for academics in Scotland to join. You can save up to £100 per year compared to the cost of other teaching unions.

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