Free and Flexible Learning Resources

Created on: 11 Nov 2021 | Last modified: 19 Apr 2023

South Ayrshire learning rep in training, Ashleigh Evans, presents the professional learning benefits and possibilities available through Open Learn. With her own learning as inspiration, Ashleigh has provided a short video on how to sign up and sign in to Open Learn.

Please note, the video sound is very low, so please turn up the volume on your device, and consider using earphones.

In collaboration with Open University Partnerships Officer, Khadija Patel, Ashleigh has identified some courses that will be of particular interest to those working in education. Click on the course title to access the course on the Open Learn website: 

Emotions and emotional disorders

In this course you will learn about some of the disorders related to the feelings of stress, sadness and anxiety including how these disorders are diagnosed, their biological correlates, and evidence of their possible causes.

Managing and managing people: 8 Recognising pressure and avoiding stress

After studying this course, you should be able to identify a cause of stress in managerial life from a range covering mismatches between capabilities and role, player-manager tension and everyday stressors; also understand time pressures and the need for time management.

Understanding depression and anxiety

This course, Understanding depression and anxiety, explores the causes of these mental health issues, with a particular focus on stress. You will consider some risk and causal factors for some depression and anxiety disorders, and learn about the biology and psychology behind them.

Psychology - Schizophrenia and related disorders

This masterclass looks at the history of Schizophrenia and other disorders, the possible causes, symptoms and treatments.

Exercise and mental health

This course explores the link between increased physical exercise and improved mental health. This will include consideration of the role of exercise in combating stress, anxiety and depression, and in enhancing mood.

Panic attacks: what they are and what to do about them

The course starts by exploring formal definitions of panic and panic attack. These are then contrasted with personal accounts of the experience of panic. It also presents some of the key understandings of why panic attacks happen, and provides an overview of the main ways people can get help and help themselves. 

Please contact Pauline McColgan to share your experiences of Open Learn learning and resources. If you are based in South Ayrshire, Ashleigh wil be particularly interested to hear from you about professional learning more widely.