Second Level – Icarus and Daedalus

Created on: 22 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

HWB Focus: Mental and Emotional HWB, Food and Health

Week 1

Second Level

  • Recap on the rainbows and the feelings of hope they have brought to everyone. Think about the colour yellow.  How does that colour make the children feel and why?

  • Yellow was one of Vincent Van Gogh’s favourite colours. Invite the children to find out why and to do some research on this famous artist and his style of painting.  This clip is a good start -

  • You might ask the children to look at some of Van Gogh’s paintings They might want to try to create their own copy of a masterpiece.  To access a step by step guide to  re-creating the ‘Sunflowers’, this drawing tutorial might be helpful in the initial drawing of the picture - and the following link - – in looking at colour and texture.  Alternatively, the children could make their own paintings in the impressionist style – remember to capture those sweeping brush strokes to show movement and vibrant colours!

Second Level

  • Recap on the colour yellow and the things the children learned last week about the sun.

  • Revisit the story of Icarus and Daedalus - or

  • Invite the children to think what it would be like to be a bird and to be able to fly. What colours would their wings be, what types of birds would they be, where would they live and where would they fly to?  Ask the children to write about their adventures and to draw or paint a picture of their amazing creature!  For those who want some help in drawing a bird, this clip might be helpful -

  • How many birds of different types can the children spot? Either from the window or when they are out for a walk, suggest that they make a tally chart of the different types of birds in their areas and the number of each that they see.  Can they name the type of birds?  These resources might help -  and

  • As an extension activity, perhaps the family could go out for a night-time walk to compare the different things they see flying – are they all birds or can they spot a bat or two?

  • You might want to suggest that the children make their own shadow puppets to re-tell the story of Icarus and Daedalus. To learn more about how to make shadow puppets, this clip might be helpful - . 

  • If the children do not want to make shadow puppets, then suggest that they use other objects such as wooden spoons to create the characters - https://www.ycom/watch?v=TL1fsqa52-k . Alternatively, they might want to act it out themselves.  Encourage them to record their performances at home and share them with you.

  • If the children were inventors like Icarus and Daedalus, ask them to think about what they would make. Suggest that they send you some information about their invention, what it would do and what it would look like. 

  • Time for the Yellow Food Challenge. Can the children create a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner of only yellow foods? Remember it has to be healthy (well, custard lovers and vanilla ice cream fans could sneak in a little treat!). And they have to eat it too!  Maybe they could record their day on video or take pictures of the food they are eating.  Then, send them in for everyone to see!  Here’s how one family who only ate yellow for 24 hours got on -

  • Don’t forget the birds – make them a yellow snack and see who comes for tea! -

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