Second Level –‘The Magic Box’ and ‘The 13 Storey Treehouse’

Created on: 22 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

HWB Focus: Mental and Emotional HWB, Relationships, Food and Health

Second Level

Week 1

  • Recap on the rainbows and the feelings of hope they have brought to everyone. Think about the colour pink.  How does that colour make the children feel and why?

  • For many, it will make them think about things they love. As we think about the school year so far, you might want to encourage the children to think about what they love about their school community and invite them to share this with their parents/carers or brothers and sisters or even remotely with their friends.

  • Now, you might like to introduce Kit Wright reading his poem, ‘The Magic Box’ - Invite the children to think about how they will capture the magical things about their school community to put in a magic box. Ask the children to be as inventive as possible in expressing their ideas.  It might be through a video clip, a drawing or painting, music or a piece of writing.  Maybe you could collate their messages into one book or film to create your class magic box to help remember these special things.

The 13 story treehouse

Second Level

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