EIS Member Survey 2021: COVID-19 findings

Created on: 10 Dec 2021

For just short of 2 years, teachers in Scotland have been battling COVID-19 infections within schools, continually adjusting policies and practices to implement safety mitigations, as well as continuing to provide blended learning to support the large number of pupils who have been absent due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our members within the secondary school sector have also performed herculean efforts to prepare students for national qualifications with ever-changing requirements. The past 21 months have undoubtedly put a strain on our teachers and our education system as a whole.

However, even before March 2020 teachers in Scotland had raised the alarm on high levels of stress, unsustainable levels of workload and poor wellbeing within the profession. This survey looks at the key issues facing teachers in Scotland today: workload, COVID-19 and their health and wellbeing at work.

COVID Survey

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