Value Education Value Teachers Survey Results

Created on: 24 Sep 2019 | Last modified: 04 Apr 2023

In 2018 The EIS launched their Value Education, Value Teachers campaign to secure a 10% pay rise for teachers across Scotland.

Whilst campaigning to reverse the decline in teacher pay, borne out of austerity, pay freezes and below inflation uplifts, other significant issues were raised by members.

The increase in workload, inadequate resources to support pupils with additional support needs and changes to the curriculum were some of the issues that came to the fore whilst discussing teacher pay.

It is for this reason The EIS decided to survey its teacher members to gather their views on key issues, such as pay, workload, wellbeing and the work/life balance. The document below summarises the results of this survey and offers analysis of key issues affecting EIS members.

VEVT Survey Results

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