Created on: 17 Aug 2020 | Last modified: 23 Feb 2024

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Welcome to the EIS Probationer Teachers section of our website.

Designed specifically for probationary teachers to provide tips and advice to help you through your probation year with information on how the EIS can support you. 

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The EIS is Scotland's largest education union representing over 80% of the country's teaching professionals.

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EIS Membership continues to be FREE for up to 16 months from the start of your probation. At the end of your free period of membership a further discount of 50% will be available for 9 months for those who complete a direct debit mandate prior to the end of December 2023. 

There are many reasons to be part of the EIS

As a probationer member you will be entitled to the full range of EIS services such as representation, legal advice, professional learning opportunities and an EIS Extra Discount Card.

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Get Involved

Unions are strongest when members are engaged, and we hope you'll become an active participant during your probation year or once you are an established teacher. 

Remember, we’re here to help if you need us.