SEJ Feb 2014

Created on: 10 Feb 2014 | Last modified: 27 Feb 2018

Vol. 98, Issue No. 01

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Child Poverty Campaign

In Scotland 220,000 (or more than 1 in 5) children are living in poverty (after housing costs.) Furthermore, at least 50,000 children will be living in poverty by 2020. The aims of the Child Poverty Campaign are driven by resolutions passed at the AGM and Council. Last year's 'Impact of Poverty on Education' conference also provided a focus for activities with participants providing a clear strategic direction...(page 8).

SNCT Ballot on Pay and Conditions 2013 - 2015

Following rejection by members of the SNCT post McCormac Negotiated Outcome, the EIS returned to the negotiating table seeking improvements, clarifications and new agreements. A significant number of these have been achieved and you are being urged by EIS Council to vote to accept the revised SNCT Package...(page 16).

SQA Support

TA survey of teachers across Scotland - carried out by the EIS - has highlighted that serious concerns remain over the level of practical support that has been provided to assist teachers in preparing pupils to sit the new National exams...(page 12).

Glasgow Workload Rally

As part of the EIS major Workload Campaign aross Scotland, Glasgow EIS held a well-attended rally in late January which was open to all EIS members. The rally was an opportunity to rais issues and ask questions around the major drivers of workload including excessive planning, reporting, self-evaluation and quality assurance...(Page 14).

Enhancing Learning Through Film

Jane Fletcher, Director of Education for Education Charity FILMCLUB, describes the work of the organisation and explains how teachers can use its free film resources to support education across a wide range of curricular areas...(Page 22).

FE and National Bargaining

The four members of the EIS-FELA Executive who sit on the National Bargaining Development Group provide an overview of the planned return to national bargaining for colleges.... (Page 24).