SEJ April 2013

Created on: 26 Mar 2013 | Last modified: 23 Oct 2023

Vol. 97, Issue No. 02

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In this issue:

Results of national CfE survey confirm teachers’ concerns

Final results the senior phase CfE survey have confirmed significant concerns over resources, support and information, workload and timescale...(page 8)

CfE senior phase raising your concerns - General Secretary Larry Flanagan spoke with Ken Muir, strategic director of education Scotland, to discuss the findings of the EIS CfE senior phase survey....(page 10)

McCormac proposals it’s your choice
At its meeting on 8 march EIS council considered a report from the salaries committee on the outcome of the SNCT process on the McCormac recommendations....(page 12)

Public service pensions bill
The SEJ looks at some of the major features of the public service pension’s bill which is set to pass into law in the near future.... (page 14)


Education and poverty: moving beyond the comfort of depressingly familiar knowledge - Dr. John H. McKendrick, senior lecturer in social sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University, will deliver the keynote address at the EIS education and equality conference in April..... (page 16)