SEJ Oct 2011

Created on: 31 Oct 2011 | Last modified: 02 May 2023

Vol. 95, Issue No. 05

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Why the EIS is asking you to vote "YES"
The EIS has opened a formal strike ballot of members on strike action over proposed changes to members’ pensions. (Read more).
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What now for teacher professionalism?
The publication of the McCormac Review has raised many questions about the future professional status of Scotland’s teachers. (Read more).

McCormac Review






Bearing the Standard /GTCS Elections
David Drever, Convener of the General Teaching Council for Scotland and a former EIS President, explains the important role played by teacher members of the GTCS. (Read more).

David Drever






Former Deputy General Secretary of the EIS
Fred Forrester, who died on August 13 at the age of 76, will be well remembered by many EIS members as the Institute’s Deputy General Secretary from the years 1992 to 2000. (Read more).
Fred Forrester 




Curriculum for Excellence
Curriculum for Excellence continues to dominate the work of the Union’s Education Committee, with several AGM resolutions articulating ongoing concerns around workload, resourcing, and pace of implementation. (Read more).






Mergers: An Acquisition Or A Disaster?
Scottish Further Education is in a turmoil induced by mergers, reorganisation and vicious funding cuts. (Read more).

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