SEJ April 2020

Created on: 24 Mar 2020 | Last modified: 01 Apr 2020

Vol. 103, Issue No. 02

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Workload Survey

The 2020 School Sector Survey was opened on 24th January and closed on 20th February, meaning the survey was open to members for just under four weeks. 

In total 17,198 responses were gathered, and as the survey was issued to 46,336 members this represents a return rate of 37% from members who were emailed the survey.


Five Days of Action and Standing Strong!

With five days of solid strike action, EIS-ULA members at ENU, UWS, Aberdeen and Strathclyde Universities and the Glasgow School of Art have sent a clear message to UCEA and the employers it represents that University lecturers are no longer willing to tolerate
the years of real terms pay decline.

UWS Picket Line

Each for Equal

"I think that IWD is important because people think that feminism isn't needed anymore and we live in an equal society, but really only 10% of jobs in engineering and science are occupied by woman and we’re still much more typically to be victims of sexual harassment and there's so many other problems." 

These are the words of 11-year-old Erin at a recent International Women's Day event organised by the EIS Glasgow Local Association and Glasgow City Council.

IWD Logo

Professional Learning for an Empowered Profession

EIS members from across the country chose to spend the extra day of 2020 - 29th February - attending the annual EIS Professional Learning Conference. Entitled "Professional Learning for an Empowered Profession," the event at Glasgow's Trades Hall was chaired by EIS President Bill Ramsay.


Pensions Progress

In 2015 around 20,000 teacher members of the EIS were compulsorily transferred from the old Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme (STSS), with its normal pension age
(NPA) of 60 years, to the new Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme 2015 (STPS 2015) which has a retirement age linked to the state pension age (SPA), currently 67.