SEJ May 2011

Created on: 24 May 2011 | Last modified: 16 Feb 2022

Vol. 95, Issue No. 03

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New Parliament, Same Question
Now that Scotland has elected its new Government, the EIS will be stepping up its "Why Must our Children Pay?” campaign...(read more)


Comprehensive Investment is a must. Kay Barnett looks back over a challenging year in the Presidential chair and explores some of the further challenges which will face the EIS and the Scottish comprehensive education system...(read more)



Education Matters: Turbulent times for good ship CfE-by Education Convener Larry Flanagan. Primary Forward Planning-style and content of writing Primary Forward Plans expected by HMIE & how these plans inform the inspection process...(read more)


Human Trafficking: EIS AGM overwhelmingly backed a resolution which called for action to raise awareness of trafficking of men, women and children, to attempt to establish the full extent of trafficking in Scotland...(read more)


Music to our ears - Cuts hit a sour note: Mark Traynor explores the current status of music instruction in schools and highlights how EIS support helps protect this vital, yet increasingly threatened, aspect of education in our schools...(read more)