SEJ October 2016

Created on: 19 Oct 2016 | Last modified: 16 Nov 2020

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EIS Industrial Action Leads to Welcome Reduction in NQ Workload

Following a high-profile programme of industrial action by EIS members in Secondary schools across Scotland, a significant victory was achieved in the campaign to cut SQA-related workload for teachers and pupils. The EIS, which represents more Secondary teachers in Scotland than all the other unions combined, took a strong lead on industrial action in relation to SQA-related work...(page 8)


View from the Top 

The SEJ spoke to new EIS President Margaret Smith, and asked for her views on the big issues facing EIS members and Scottish education in the coming year...(page 10)


Protecting National Pay and Conditions

EIS Assistant Secretary Drew Morrice takes a closer look at one of the issues raised by the Scottish Government's Governance Review - the future shape of collective bargaining arrangements for teachers under proposed new educational structures...(page 14) 


FE National Bargaining - Management try to Undo Pay Deal 

EIS-FELA Vice President Pam Currie takes a look at the progress of the implementation of the FE national pay deal, and questions whether some within college management are already attempting to renege on elements of this landmark agreement...(page 22)


Remembering Srebrenica

EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan recently joined a visit to Bosnia with the charity Remembering Srebrenica to learn more about the work of the organisation is doing to ensure that the victims of the 1995 genocide are never forgotten...(page 26)