SEJ Oct 2012

Created on: 12 Oct 2012 | Last modified: 23 Oct 2023

Vol. 96, Issue No. 05
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In this issue:

Working together for a better future
EIS President Susan Quinn explains how working together to break down barriers is a key focus for her – both at school level within the communities... (page 8).

Q&A with Tom Tracey, convener of the Salaries committe
Tom discusses the McCormac Review and negotiations for the next pay agreement (page 10).


Where is the Teacher?
General Secretary Larry Flanagan talks about nursery education... (page 12).


The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) - a curious highland beast
EIS-FELA Executive Member Donny Gluckstein speaks to an FE lecturer who explains the key issues. (page 14).


CPD round-up
Marvellous maths across the curriculum, Let’s Talk Assessment, West Lothian Practitioner enquiry network, Professional update and assessment, (page 16).