SEJ May 2014

Created on: 22 May 2014 | Last modified: 21 Feb 2023

Vol. 98, Issue No. 03

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EIS Referendum Manifesto

The EIS has formally launched its Education Manifesto for the Referendum on Scottish Independence. It raises questions regarding the future of Scottish education, post Referendum. Also Yes Scotland and Better Together respond to the issues raised in the EIS Manifesto...(page 7)

What Time for Teaching?

I've been a teacher of Social Science and Modern Studies for almost ten years now. When people ask me if I enjoy my job, I always tell them the same thing - when it's good it's the most wonderful job ever, but when it's bad, it's awful. This month's SEJ features a frank, anonymous interview with a Scottish teacher, revealing how workload pressures have impacted on her work/life balance and health....(page 12)

Health and Well-being Survey

The results of the EIS survey on members' well-being have laid bare the true scale of the workload demands that teachers and lecturers are currently facing. Severe workload burdens are increasing pressure and creating additional strain on teaching professionals, with potentially serious implications for their health and well-being. Here, the SEJ offers a brief overview of some of the main findings...(page 11)

A Year With the President

Outgoing President Phil Jackson, reflects upon his time in office and looks back at a challenging year for education...(page 14)

Countdown to Savings

Scheduled to launch this July, the EIS is joining with Countdown to offer a unique benefits programme for members. The EIS Countdown membership programme has been designed to bring savings to you in all aspects of your life - from the weekly shop and home improvements to days out, holidays, fitness and more....(page 21)