SEJ Dec 2012

Created on: 10 Dec 2012 | Last modified: 16 Feb 2022

Vol. 96, Issue No. 06
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In this issue:

Con-Dem Austerity isn't working
We are committed to working with other trade unions in the defence of jobs and conditions of service and in the promotion of social justice. General Secretary, Larry Flanagan, considers some of the broader challenges that the trade unions face..... (page 8)

Pensions Update - The story continues
When Cab Sec Michael Russell set up a group to negotiate pension arrangements of Scottish teachers it was expected there would be a willingness to reach conclusions relatively quickly... (page 10).


FE National Bargaining
A Return to National Bargaining for Scottish Further Education is so near but yet so far.... (page 12).


Mary’s Meals: Award-winning charity film set to inspire Scots School children
Child 31: Encourage young people to develop an active concern for the millions of children living in abject poverty around the world.... (page 20). 


Children in Chains: Israel’s Twilight Zone
The EIS, in partnership with the Scottish Friends of Palestine, recently held a seminar entitled "Children in Chains” which examined the realities for children living in the Palestinian territories.... (page 22).