February 2018

Created on: 12 Feb 2018 | Last modified: 31 Oct 2018


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Council Agrees 10% Salary Claim

January's meeting of EIS Council was dominated by the matter of pay, as Council agreed the terms of the teachers' salary claim fro 2018/19 and formally launched the EIS Pay Campaign, entitled Value Education, Value Teachers...Page 4

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Reshaping Scottish Education?

The Scottish Government's Education (Scotland) Bill will potentially have major implications for the future of Scottish Education, and for the ways in which schools are managed and supported. The EIS recently submitted a substantial response to the consultation on the draft Bill. Here the SEJ looks at some of the key issues and concerns outlined by the EIS...Page 10

Change the Tune: Invest in Instrumental Music

Music education across Scotland has been under threat for several years now. After a decade of austerity measures and cuts, the provision of music education has reached a pivotal moment. Instrumental music services are now being eroded to the point of extinction. This cannot be allowed to happen...Page 14

Conversation Piece: Pasi Sahlberg

While visiting Scotland as one of the Scottish Government's International Council of Education Advisers, Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educationalist and leading voice on progressive, equitable education, spoke to Assistant Secretary Andrea Bradley about how he sees Scottish education and the current drive for excellence and equity...Page 18

Lecturers Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify New Terms and Conditions

EIS FELA members have vored overwhelmingly to ratify the terms of the May 2017 and November 2017 NJNC Agreements on core terms and conditions of service for college lecturers...Page 22