SEJ May 2018

Created on: 23 May 2018 | Last modified: 10 Apr 2024

Vol. 102, Issue No. 03

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In this issue:


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Building Pay Campaign

As we head towards the EIS AGM in the first week of June, momentum contines to build in in the Value Education, Value teachers campaign...Page 8

Value Teachers

EIS AGM will be a key step in the pay campaign

EIS President Nicola Fisher will complete her year in office at the Annual General Meeting in June...Page 10 

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ISTP 2018 report

The International Summit on the Teaching Profession is unique in that it is the only international conference where Education International, the world federation of teaching unions to which the EIS is affiliated, co-hosts with the OECD...Page 15

ISTP conference

Empowering teachers: turning up the volume on professional voice

As the teaching profession stretches and strains to keep its balance atop the shifting sands of Scottish education,at the same time shouldering increasingly hefty workloads, and while a tide of fake news and alternative facts about the state of our system ebbs and flows, the amplification of our collective professional voice has never been more needed...Page 16 

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