SEJ October 2017

Created on: 18 Oct 2017 | Last modified: 16 Feb 2022


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Protecting the Future

The SEJ spoke to this year's EIS President Nicola Fisher and asked for her views on some of the big issues facing Scottish Education and the EIS...(Page 8)

EIS Political Fund Renewal Ballot

The EIS has opened a ballot of all members on the renewal of the EIS Political Fund. The EIS is urging all members to vote Yes to maintain the Political Fund and protect the vital campaigning role of the union...Page 10 

Achieving Excellence and Equity

Dr Carol Campbell, Professor of Leadership and Educational Change at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, is a prominent academic and a member of the Scottish Government's International Council of Education Advisers. The SEJ took the opportunity to ask a few questions about the current climate in Scottish education and on the work of the ICEA...Page 16

Scottish National Standardised Assessments

The EIS has issued advice to Local Association Secretaries, and to school reps, on the need to ensure that adequate time is allocated within Working Time Agreements for the implementation of Scottish National Standardised Assessments and that operationally the use of such assessments comply with the guidelines issued by the Scottish Government and sees the end of other standardised assessments...Page 14