SEJ AGM 2015

Created on: 30 Jun 2015 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

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In this issue:

Workload Concerns Dominate AGM

As delegates gathered in Perth for the 169th EIS Annual General Meeting, one issue dominated much of the discussion and debate: Workload. The growing pressure on the teaching profession owing to issues such as curricular change, cuts in staff numbers, rising class sizes...(page 2)

EIS President Tommy Castles addresses AGM

I will quote Professor Sir Harry Burns from Strathclyde University speaking to Scottish Parliament Health and Sport Committee on Early Years Health Inequalities; "We still think in terms of a machine metaphor - the idea that pulling a lever here will make everything all right over there - but society ain’t like that. The system is complex and we need different ways of dealing with it.” ...(page 6)

Tommy Castles

Larry Flanagan Delivers his Annual Report

It is Scotland’s teachers who have delivered for the children and young people in our classrooms, for their families and careers beyond, Scottish teachers who have delivered and are delivering for the communities in which our schools, and indeed our colleges and universities, are sited. ...(page 10)

AGM Sights and Sounds

A round-up of the fringe events, new fellows, and a summary of important motions in education, such as homophobia, health and safety, GTCS registration, student debt and more ...(page 8)